A downloadable experience for Windows

Assume control over a drone, stranded on an alien planet.

Discover the local flora and fauna, find out what your mission was and why it failed. Advent VR shows that every cloud has a silver lining.

A Virtual Reality experience for Oculus Rift. Requires the headset and an Xbox One Controller.

Install instructions

After downloading, unpack the content of the archive to a local destination.
Start the game by double-clicking the executable (.exe) file.



Advent VR


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this game looks beautiful but the download link is broken (directs to a google drive link that says the file doesn't exist). is there any chance to get a different download link?

This game was beautiful. Its so satisfying to watch the story unfold right in front of your eyes. I dont understand how this hasn't become more popular. I'm going to make sure I tell people about this game. (although touch support would have been nice ;-;)


This is one of the coolest things I've played for free. Also, it works fine with a Vive (using Revive).

Thanks a lot, really glad you enjoyed it! :)